Taffy Man Tr4Blu 100ML


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Taffy Man Tr4Blu 100ML

Taffy Man Tr4Blu 100ML The blu-est of blue raspberry taffy…
This bad boy is bursting at the seams with flavor. Tart and tangy fans will appreciate this one.

Taffy Man Tr4Blu is the same Blue Raspberry Chewy Taffy Candy Flavor you grew up with, with this Juice you get to enjoy the great taste of that Blue Raspberry chewy taffy, without it sticking to your teeth, but left with a mouthful of Blue Raspberry Taffy.

Available in 100ml Authentic Chubby Gorilla.

70VG/30PG Ratio

Nicotine: 3mg.

About Taffy Man:

Forget What you THINK You Know About Taffy Man

Established in 2015, Taffy Man revolutionized the candy flavor category.

Now it’s back and completely remastered from the floor up! This isn’t the same old Taffy Man

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Nicotine Content