Milkshake Liquids – Secret menu Wake up


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Milkshake Liquids – Secret menu Wake up

Do not sleep on this e juice! Do not sleep… you couldn’t even if you wanted to. Secret menu Wake up is one of the highlights of the Secret Menu and believe us when we say, it’d have you up and about in no time. Need the perfect kick starter to jump-start your day? Look no further.

Grab a bottle of this e juice instead. It is literally a warm cup of joe and fluffy glazed doughnuts. You can spend the entire day in bed for all we care. Who needs to get up and make breakfast when they’ve got Secret menu Wake up to wake them up. Pun intended! If you’d been sleeping on tastefully blended e juices before, now’s the time to WAKE UP. One inhale of this delectable blend and your vape senses would literally WAKE UP to this occasion.

Ha! there’s just a lot one can do with this but, I’ll stop. Let’s talk flavors instead. If you trust the mouth-watering combos brought to you by Milkshake E Liquids, then you’re not going to be disappointed by what’s on the Secret Menu. Not many brands are capable of merging varying flavor profiles into one seamless composition but the flawlessness of Secret menu Wake up speaks well to its brand. You can almost taste the skilled craftsmanship put into its concoction. Doughy buttery doughnuts, glazed with the finest of confectioner’s sugar and then, dipped into a hot cup of coffee.

This e juice is perfect for those with a penchant for luxurious tastes and a wake up call for those who had been sleeping on it. Get your morning, nay, get your entire day right with as little as a simple inhale of this vape liquid. If Secret menu Wake up doesn’t wake you up. We’re honestly not sure what will.

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