Drop Solo RDA 22mm by Digiflavor X The Vapor Chronicles

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DigiFlavor and The Vapor Chronicles have collaborated once more to present the Drop Solo 22mm BF RDA, a miniaturized version of the renowned Drop 24mm BF RDA. This reinvented version is designed with a new dual post, single terminal build deck, while retaining the stepped airflow design. It also includes an alternate PMMA top and mid cap with a beauty ring that shortens the Drop to 22.5mm. The Drop Solo is a 22mm RDA that has a notched dual post design with side mounted flat-head screws per 3mm terminal. The deck of the Drop Solo retains the original’s 5mm deep juice well. Both of the included top caps have a stepped airflow design that allows it to be fully adjustable. The stainless steel top cap is 24mm tall and comes with 10 1mm air holes per side in a “T” shape while the PMMA top cap is 22.5mm tall and comes with six air holes in a dual column pattern. The Drop Solo has an included 24mm beauty ring that expands the base diameter to 24mm. The Solo also comes with two 810 PMMA drip tips; one 9mm bore and one 10mm bore. This package comes with a 510 drip tip adapter, a standard 510 pin, as well as a raised bottom feed pin. The Digiflavor x TVC Drop Solo 22mm BF RDA is a gorgeous redesign of the Drop 24mm that retains all the features the industry has come to know and love in a miniaturized form.

Product Features:
22mm Diameter
24mm Diameter with Beauty Ring
Dual Post, Single Terminal Build Deck
Side Mounted Flathead Screws
3mm Each Terminal
PEEK Insulator
5mm Deep Juice Well
Stepped Airflow Design
Stainless Steel Cap
10 Airholes Per Side
“T” Shape Pattern
Fully Closeable
PMMA Top Cap
6 Airholes Per Side
Dual Column Pattern
Fully Closeable
Gold Plated 510 Contact
810 Drip Tip Fitment
9mm Bore PMMA Drip Tip
10mm Bore PMMA Drip Tip
510 Drip Tip Adapter
Standard 510 Pin
Raised Bottom Feed Pin Included

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