Dinner Lady TuckShop Lemon Sherbets


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Dinner Lady TuckShop Lemon Sherbets

Dinner Lady TuckShop Lemon Sherbets is the perfect fusion between sweet and tangy that will have you coming back for more and more. This vape juice is the perfect vape juice to kick that sweet tooth with just enough tang to put some pep in your step.

As you inhale Tuck Shop Lemon Sherbet, the taste of perfectly ripe lemons will hit your taste buds in the best way. This flavor is so on point that your lips will quickly start to pucker milliseconds after you inhale. As you exhale, the sherbet flavor combines with the lemon flavor giving you the sweetness you crave will wash away any tang from the lemons.

Available: in Authentic 60ml Chubby Gorilla Bottles

Nicotine: 3mg.

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About Dinner Lady

Why we Exist?
We believe everyone should smile
We believe nostalgia can be served in a bottle
We take you back to a time when things just didn’t matter
And it just so happens…we are a vape company

World-Wide Nostalgia Phenomenon
In just two years, Vape Dinner Lady has appeared on ‘BBC The One Show’, been featured in ‘The Huffington Post’, won numerous prestigious international awards and has products flying off the shelves in 80 countries. The love for the brand has been evident with people getting Dinner Lady tattoos, crying when they get a piece of our coveted merchandise or simply shouting about it on social media.

The reason Vape Dinner Lady is beloved is because we have managed to tap into something that transcends all boundaries, race, religion or background – nostalgia.

Get ready to be taken back…

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