Cloud Faction Nano Trilogy Coils.


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Cloud Faction Nano Trilogy Coils

Cloud Faction Nano Trilogy Coils is made of NI80 wire to certainly give you the best flavour, for most Tanks and RDA’s.

The Nano coil range has higher ohms then your standard coils, giving you a quicker ramp up at lower wattage.

Definitely a cooler vape at low wattage if you don’t like a hot vape.

Each coil is handmade to perfection.

The Range Includes:

-Fused Claptons: 2.5mm ID (29G/38G, 0.6ohm) 7 wraps.

-Staggered Fused Claptons: 2.5mm ID (29G/32G, 0.5ohm) 6 wraps.

-TriCore Alien: 2.5mm ID (29G/36G, 0.4ohm) 6 wraps.

*Ohm’s Quoted is for singel coil*


Nano Fused Claptons, Nano Staggered Fused Claptons, Nano TriCore Aliens